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June 11, 2010

Sunset Collage by Sabrina Bradley

Sunsets have inspired many an artist. They are an elusive constant in our lives.  This nightly painting of the sky is one of the wonders of our world.

A sunset photographed by Gail.

During a Sketchbook class at the center I endeavored to create a Sunset collage.  I was not working from a photograph for inspiration.  In this instance I think that allowed me some freedoms that I would not have felt had I been trying to match colors.  I did have in my mind’s eye the memory of a particularly stunning sunset I viewed from my office window on a cold winter solstice in 2007.  This sunset was so captivating; the flame colored sun contrasted so beautifully with the surrounding deep blue, and in the foreground was a thicket of blackberry.

Our assignment was to consider what we might like to try in collage and paint a load of papers to bring with us the following week.  I painted several pages in every color of the rainbow, varying the intensity and grading the application of the color.  I included some dark greys for the foreground.  I added a little iridescent paint to my warmest colors to try to achieve the feeling of movement and some reflection in the colors.

When the next class came I packed in my load of papers and listened to Gail’s instructions – Tear the papers to create the collage, don’t glue anything down until you’ve looked at lots of options in your layering and proportions of color.  I started to tear.  The room was very quiet with all of us working at our task.  As I began to layer pieces I could see that the tearing of the papers lent itself very well to the subject matter.  Hard cut edges would not have achieved the same effect.  The biggest surprise was that with all of the papers I painted I did not have the range of color that I needed to make the piece really work.  One of the benefits of learning in a class environment like this is that if I don’t have something – someone else probably does.  Had I been at home I would have had to paint new pages and wait for them to dry, even then they might not have been the right colors.  Instead, after trying out several strips of paper, I was able to find what I needed, in this case in Gail’s stash of painted papers, which she brought out for us to raid.  The addition of a very dark purple and a green in the foreground was just what the piece needed.  This was glued down on a 6 x 11 Sketchbook page.

Sunset Collage by Sabrina Bradley created during a Sketchbook course at the center.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 11, 2010 8:44 pm

    Nice work Sabrina,
    I didn’t know you were taking classes with Gail as well as working there!
    It is infectious being in that environment with all those creative people around you isn’t it?

  2. Wendy MacKinnon permalink
    July 14, 2010 10:27 pm

    Beautiful collage Sabrina. Keep up the good work.

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