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Garden Variety Inspiration

May 27, 2010
Designer’s Inspiration from Unusual Places

Discovering where to find potential sources of design around us is always a challenge for new artists. You don’t need to go too far from home, maybe as far as your garden (if you have one) or the grocery store. Take one fruit, the tomato for example. You can cut it in half, photograph it, trace it, stylize and draw it. Make a color study of the outside as well as the inside without forgetting about the green in the stem and leaves.


© Gail Harker

Creating a Handmade Book
In the Level Three Art and Design course at our center, students design with a variety of subject matter, both natural(organic) and geometric. There is a lot of room for personal interpretation once the basics are grasped. Designs are developed, individual color schemes are painted in acrylics on each page and the pages are bound in a unique way.



A hand-made book – The left page shows the sketched tomato plant. The right side of the page displays printed tomatoes made from a print block. The book was hand-bound with different papers and designs within it. Designed and made by Susan Keister, a student from the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center.




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