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Experimenting in Sketchbooks

May 4, 2010
Bulging and Overflowing Sketchbooks
I can remember how exciting it was when I first attended an exhibition at Goldsmith’s College in London in the 70s. This was an outing with the Windsor and Maidenhead College, City & Guilds class and tutor Jan Beaney to see a Diploma graduate exhibition. Sketchbooks were left out on tables with pages brimming, bulging and overflowing with fantastic color drawings, designs and bits of stitched samples. What a privilege to see the playfulness and experimentation of practising artists. Ever since that time, I have kept my own working sketchbooks as do my students.

The Quest for Color
I have been fascinated by numerous visual subjects over the years and each one finds a place in one of my sketchbooks. Color has been a never ending quest and inspiration. Just take one color, such as Green. Apparently the human eye can detect more hues of green than any other color. Green can lean towards other colors such as blue, yellow or even brown. What a complex color. The colors move through my sketchbooks in the form of charts, colored pages or a stitched sample attached to the page. For more information about sketchbooks and stitch, check out our class, Essence of Nature.

Some ferns have a brownish green area in the center.

Green has a strong symbolic association with our environment.

A hand-stitched sample inspired by trees, by Gail Harker

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  1. Jill Taylor permalink
    May 5, 2010 2:26 am

    Gail – thank you so much for starting up your blog. It inspires me to keep going with painting pages, sketching and freeing my mind of niggling little ideas that I need to get out and work with. And one day some of them will move their way into stitch. Jill

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